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So we pop out of this side drift into a larger drift. Hopefully it will lead us towards the main incline.

This confirms that we are on the 600 level. The mine survey shows that the 600 level connects to the incline. We are hopeful that this level is below the collapse.

Tony explores another side drift.
We don't often see metal chute gates in these old mines.
Obviously a lot of ore has been hauled out of this chute. These are workings from the heyday of the mine.
The "Sheep Pen" along with "Carlo the Wop". Must have been put there before political correctness.

Notice the date of May 7, 17. World War I was still raging.
Some of the counts were categorized by day. It's the first time I've seen that.

The stope angles at about 30 degrees.

Cardboard dynamite boxes indicate more recent workings.
This looks to be the chutes of a major drift.
Most chutes we find are blocked by rocks like the left one, but the far chute is clear. Time to see what we can find.
Square set! I always enjoy finding square set framing. Evidently the drift was not strong enough so they used square set and shoveled the ore down through to the chutes.

It's never a surprise to see bits and pieces of explosives boxes. Still, they are always interesting to look at.

Sure enough we found the main incline! Evidence of a major fire is seen throughout the mine. All of the wooden structure along the incline was burned.

Looking down the incline. We are hoping that we can make our way down to the 900 level. The mine survey shows extensive drifts on that level.

There are a number of levels leading off of the incline. I believe that this is the 800 level. A settling tank was used to preserve and reuse water.

The 700 level is inaccessible from the mine incline because of the fire. Tony climbed up this ore chute and scrambled up to the level.

 Finally we reached the 900 level! An yes, it is very extensive. Unfortunately I was having camera issues so I don't have many photos of this level.

Lucky was a grocery chain that had stores in the Las Vegas area. They closed in the 80's but are still active in California. 

According to the survey map, we expected to find two winzes. This is the first and is in the best condition. We found the second winze but it is not in as good of shape. The days was running long so this will have to wait for a future trip.

When we climbed back up to the 600 level we decided to see if we could continue up the incline and a faster way to the surface. This ladder predates the collapse as it disappears into the rubble.

After a long climb out, Tony watches airplanes as they fly out of the Vegas Valley.

No doubt that there is much more to see. Looking forward to future trips!