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Goldfield is an amazing mining town with a long and interesting history. Founded in 1902 when gold was discovered in the area, it soon became the largest town in Nevada. Virgil Earp, participant in the gunfight at OK Corral and brother to Wyatt Earp, died here in 1905. A flash flood in 1913 wiped out a large section of town. Ten years later a fire swept through the town leaving only a few of the original buildings that still stand today. North and east of town are the remnants of hundreds of mines.

This water wagon welcomes visitors traveling from Las Vegas.
What a great old home!
Another interesting house in this old mining town.
What ghost town would be complete without some old time cars. These are interesting since they haven't been shot full of holes.
I think the upper part of this little engine is a reproduction but the lower half looks like it was from a real engine.
Some old homes are still standing. These look like they are long abandoned.
This home gives a real feel for homes of the day.
This appears to be an authentic engine. Given it's size I imagine it was used to haul ore to the mill.
The headframe is still in place althought it doesn't look like the mine is in operation.
This small mine was in production. I could hear the deisel generator running.
This is a large headframe standing over an abandoned mine shaft.
The building on the left is the winch room. You can see where the cable passed through the top of the building.
A quick glance in showed a good sized winch. The drive engine has been removed leaving just the winch.
Another large mining operation. This one too looks like it is not operating.
The mine from another angle.
This is an interesting hopper. It looks as if an aerial tramway was used to move the ore from the mine to the hopper.
Needless to say I didn't wander around this mine! I understand mine owners being worried about liability and vandalism.
I would love to see the below ground mine works! Most of the major mines were between 500 and 1000 feet in depth.