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Proof positive that I was actually there! After a long climb down, lots of exploring, and a quick lunch, it was almost time to start the climb out.
This is a great spot for photos, we we all took our turn getting our picture taken.
This is the safety valve for a large air tank. Notice the rivets at the lower right. This is an old tank!
I wonder if there's still air in the tank? We actually just wanted to see the the wrench would fit the valve.

The photo gives you a feel for how big the tank is.
Some people have to see EVERYTHING....
Here's the rear of the headframe with the air tank pictured. This photo was taken from where the winch would have been originally installed.
The sheave wheel would have been mounted at the top of the headframe (between the two narrow beams), but it is nowhere to be found. It may have been removed at the same time the rest of the equipment.
A moment of rest before the climb out.
This is a drill rod with the drill bit still attached. This one was about four feet long.
If you look closely at the top of this picture, you will see a pile of drill bits. Some of them had been used but most were brand new. Well, maybe not Brand New since they are 50 years old, but they are unused.
If you don't have a sign available, you just make your own. Same thing with a door latch. Crude but effective.
Sugar at the bottom of a mine? Actually burlap was often used to plug small cracks in various structures like wooden ore chutes where dirt would seep through.
Many of the miners used carbide lamps for light. We often find carbide cans and lids.
Many of the explosives boxes we find are made from cardboard. These boxes are from a more recent time. The old wooden boxes are getting pretty rare and indicate that the mine is older.
Here's another track switch. It wouldn't take much effort to get it working again.
looking into an old drill hole, you can see some minerals starting to form in the back of the hole. It is interesting to see that the earth is changing even down this deep.
An old wooden barrel isn't something you find every day. I'm curious what they would have shipped in this?
After a couple of hours of hard climbing, we exited the mine just in time to see this beautiful sunset.

After a long day's adventure, I was ready for sleep!