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This is the remnants of the mine track that went out to the upper tram station. Yes, it's as scary as it looks in the photo!
The trestle looks like it just goes out into space.
Well, it almost does. The mine cart was pushed to the end of the line, then dumped into the chute. From the chute the ore was loaded in the tramway bucket for a ride down to the base of the ridge.
On the next ridge over is another mine perched on the side of the hill. I had wondered how the miners climbed up to that mine. From here I can see that the mine trail comes up the back side of the ridge, then down to the mine.
Above the mine adit is this foundation. It appears to be where the winch was mounted. The cable must have gone from the winch to a pulley mounted on the ore hopper then back down into the mine.
This is the brake band for the winch. The band wrapped around the cable drum and attached to a large lever that the operator used to stop the winch.
The years have taken their toll.
This photo doesn't do justice to how steep this hillside really is.
This is one of the mine adits.
Looking inside you can see a lot of debris.
A bit further in I found the inclined shaft. It angles downward about 30 degrees. It's steeper than the photo shows.
A bit further down I came to the place where the inclined track was undercut by a lower stope. Since I didn't have any safety gear I decided that this was as far as I was going to go. I would like to return with the proper equipment and explore deeper into the mine.
A ways below the upper adit was this entrance. Of course I had to go take a look.
It wasn't far in before I realize that this too would require additional gear to explore. I'm assuming that the miners used ladders to descend into these areas. The ladders are long gone.
It appears that Edison Primary Batteries were used at the mine at one time. The batteries had to be refurbished by replacing the plates and adding caustic soda mixed with water.
No mine site would be complete without a dynamite box.
I'm safely back to my vehicle and looking forward to my next adventure.

Since my visit to the mine another explorer provided me with some interesting details about the mine. Now I need to plan a return visit to follow up on those details....