Belmont is located in central Nevada and was established in 1865 following a silver discovery. It was the county seat from 1867 to 1905 after which the county seat was moved to Tonopah, NV. Although Belmont is considered a ghost town, there are still quite a few residents living in the area.

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The courthouse in Belmont is one of the most beautiful examples of its kind. Construction started in 1875 and was completed in 1876, just in time to see the decline of mining in the area.
The remains on main street only hint at the town's original beauty.
You can imagine the sound of the saloon door swinging shut or the jingle of a cowboy's spurs.
To the east of town is the smokestack of the Combination mill. The brick work on the stack is just amazing!
An old water tank stands besides the ruins of a stone cabin.
There are a number of scenic old buildings still standing in the town.
On the west side of the town is the smokestack of the Monitor-Belmont mill.
Pieces of equipment are scattered around the site.
I wonder what the mill looked like when it was operating?
These drums were used to roast the ore before further processing.
These were used to grind up the ore into a fine powder. A horse would drag a large weight round and round pulverizing the ore.
I wonder how old that lock is?
This house was decorated with a number of old relics from the town's past.
I've never seen a cook stove like this before. It was obviously someone's pride and joy. I wonder how many meals were cooked on it?
Doesn't look like this old truck has been moved for a while. Doesn't look like it's going anywhere soon either. ;-)