The Alice Mine is located in the White Pine mining district of southern Nevada just outside of Goodsprings. It was primarily a zinc mine and operated in the 1920's.

The Alice mine sits at the top of a saddle ridge. The size of the tailings pile indicates that it was a reasonably sized working.
Two more tailings piles. I believe these were extensions of the Yellow Pine mining operation.
The miners built a chute to get the ore down to the wagons. Miners use gravity to move materials whenever possible.
Looking across the top of the tailings pile gives a feeling for the amount of earth that they moved.
Tony is taking a break and enjoying the expansive view across the valley.
Here is where the miners dumped the ore down the chute.
Like so many of the mines in the area, this one had been gated.
It was a tight squeeze to get through.
Checking out part of the headframe at the top of the incline.
Bailing wire indicates that this was a low budget operation. I am always amazed that the miners could bend the rail. It would be interesting to see how they did it.
The ore cars were pulled up the incline. It angles downward at about 30 degrees.
Tony is exploring well down the incline. We were able to find three levels. There may be more, but a collapse further down was too dangerous to push through.
I'm hiking back out of a collapse. I could have continued down, but it was just too dangerous. This section of the mine is not rock, but rather just compressed dirt. This collapse closed off the connection to the third level, which we located as we explored down through the stopes.
Tony found some clay so decided to make a little miner to welcome other explorers. Yes, the clay actually is purple.
Checking out an upper working.
Stacked back fill. It was much less costly to stack it in unused portions of the mines than to haul it to the surface. We often see this in mines from the late 1800's to early 1900's.
I was surprised to find standing water in the mine. Most of the mines I visit are completely dry.
Yep, I'm having a good time!
More stacked backfill. 
Looks like Tony is having a bit of a problem getting out...