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The eastern adit of the War Eagle might not look like much but it leads to miles of drifts, inclines, and stopes.
This dumping ore cart has tipped off of its base. The guys "manned up" and put it back in place. Like many ore carts in these mines, the wheels are long gone.
The cart would pivot on one of four pins on each side. Quite an ingenious design!
Even I can tip it over. Of course it isn't filled with ore or I would have a much harder time of it.
I don't know if this mine was operated by Anaconda or if the mine owners just purchased surplus carts from them.
These carts are a more traditional design. Once again all of the wheels are long gone.
Here's Bill crossing over an open stope. It's important to have good balance when you walk the rails.
Ken found an old cache of dynamite. Fortunately it is in a out of the way drift.
This old compressed air tank was riveted together. It's neat to see old pieces of equipment like this. One day it will all be gone.
This is the example of a couple of drill holes. Dynamite would have been loaded into the holes and blasted. Little by little the miners drilled, blasted, and mucked until the ore ran out.
Once again Bill is climbing down a set of rails. I didn't look nearly as graceful coming down them.
This area had a partial collapse and has been shored up. A small winding passage allows us to explore the expanse of the mine beyond the collapse.
This is a testiment to the fact that these mines are only temporary.
After returning to the camp and having some dinner we decide to head back into the mine for some exploring. Day and night don't mean much when you are in a mine.
After winding our way into a very remote part of the mine we came across this pile of dynamite. It looks as if it was left there yesterday. I figured it was best if I just left it right where it was.
The mine is just HUGE. An explorer could spend days discovering all this mine has to offer.
You just never know what you will find. This bunch of fuses was just sitting on top of some timber.
This is one of the features that the War Eagle is known for. It's the dual track inclined shaft. It continues down five levels. Going down is easy. Coming back up is a bit more work....
Stairs down the left side of the incline makes it easy to explore this section of the mine. I'm still waiting for the elevator though.