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The Shamrock Mine is located a few miles outside of Tonopah, Nevada. Mines in this area were known for their production of gold and sliver. We also noticed copper in one of the stopes. It is a smaller mine but does have three levels and at one time had a head frame.

A number of miles outside of Tonopah is this nice little mine. Looks like it will be a nice little explore.
Overall the collar is in decent condition considering its age. Some of the track is still in place.
The mine has a manway and a haul shaft. The construction of the haul shaft indicates that there was a headframe at this mine during its production years. The air line peeks out at the top of the shaft. The water line is still in place a few feet below the surface. 
Some of the rail has been stripped off the tailings pile. Still a pretty neat view across the valley. 
Looking back up the shaft from one of the levels. Doesn't look so far in the photo but it's a long way when you climb up the ladder. It's actually about a 100 foot shaft.
Kelly steps off the ladder. Even with a ladder we use safety ropes until we know if they are solid.
A ladder down to the lowest level. This mine has a lot of rubble in the bottom like so many old mines.
The miners connected this level with an intermediate level just below.
A ladder down into the intermediate level.
Kelly climbed down and takes a quick look back up.
An old carbide can. Pretty common but fun to find anyway.
Ahhh, an ore chute down to the lowest level. This is the only way into this part of the lowest level since the drift is blocked by rubble.
Of course we had to slide down to take a look. This is little prospect is the lowest part of the mine. It looks like they ran out of profitable ore.
Back up to the upper level.
At the far end of the drift, this level connects to the lower one. Gravity is a miner's friend.
A neat old oil can. Can't really read much of the label though. I wish we knew what equipment was originally on site.
Kelly inspects another ore chute.
Up into another small stope.
"Wonder if I can climb up there?"
Need is the mother of invention. A repurposed can turned into a sieve.
Up into another stope. The wood rot indicates moisture at this point in the mine. Most of the mine is very dry. 
Very common in the old mines we explore.
Doesn't look like gold to me...
Stulls hold everything in place.
It's been a fun explore but it's getting late. Time to pack up and head home.
One last picture before we head towards home. Four hours back to Las Vegas.