This is a short hike up to the adit at the lowest level. This level has a couple of ore chutes and a ladder up into the workings but little else.
No desert mine site is complete without a rusting hulk riddled with bullet holes.
Across the ravine are these rock structures. At first I thought it was a loading platform, but it faces the bottom of the ravine. I don't see how a wagon could have gotten to it to load the ore.
This track leads to workings further up the ridge. An ATV would be ideal for this. If your rig can't make it all the way to the top, it's a LONG way to back down.
The adit is in good shape. I've used this mine a number of times to introduce someone to mine exploration. The simple layout and typical mine features make this a good "beginner" site.
These ore chutes are typical of most of the mines in the area.
This is about halfway along the drift.
Here's the end of the drift. This is only a couple of hundred feet from the adit.
This ladder goes up into the upper workings.
Me with one of my friends.
Looking at the hillside there are quite a number of workings. The tailings in the upper left indicate another adit. A quick exploration of those upper workings leads me to believe that it is connected to the main workings just below and to the right.
The wooden structures look like there was an aerial tramway. It's going to take another strenuous hike to find out for certain.