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These drill rods are an example of the different lengths that the miners used. The shortest was less that two feet and the longest close to eight feet.
The mine didn't go very far back into the hillside, but the drifts were huge.
This photo of Bill gives you some idea of just how large these drifts are.
This appears to be a drilling table. There are handrails that fold up to keep people from falling off. Miners must have stood on this to drill into the ceilings.
This mine was serious about storing their explosives. This bunker was really neat.
The guy who designed and built this door was amazing! He actually constructed a combination locking mechanism.
The intrepid explorers standing in front of another Perlite mine.
This doesn't come as a surprise does it?
This reminds me of when I was young and all of the department store basements were equipped as fallout shelters.
This stick of dynamite has seen its better days!
We see bats from time to time. This little guy was tucked up in a little nook and took no notice of our presence.